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The Meatless Monday Challenge:

Commit to Meatless Mondays for a designated period of time. We recommend committing to a full year, but if you want to start with a month, then go for it! If you need to skip a Monday, or maybe do Meatless Monday on a Wednesday, don’t sweat it, it happens! The key is to be as consistent as possible, and to have fun while doing it.

Why do the Meatless Monday Challenge:

Our environment is greatly suffering from centuries of abuse from humankind. We can all do a little something to reduce our carbon footprint. What you eat has a big impact on your footprint. In a nutshell, the sustainability of your diet greatly depends on what you eat (see sustainable protein here). Factors that influence carbon footprint include how much meat you’re consuming and how far your food is traveling to reach you.

Meatless Monday guidelines:

For all meals on Monday, opt to eat:

✔️ Eggs

✔️ Dairy products

✔️ Veggies

✔️ Fruits

✔️ Nuts

✔️ Grains

✔️ Legumes

❌ Fish

❌ Meat-based products such as chicken, beef, and turkey

And now for the recipes!

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Breakfast: Breakfast burrito! (Recipe)

Image source: Cookie + Kate

Lunch: Taco salad! Thank you, Elaine, for this recipe!

Dinner: Artichoke pesto and burrata pizza with lemony arugula (recipe). Thank you to Larissa for this one! I LOVE burrata and am soooo excited about this recipe!

Image à la Half Baked Harvest

Monday, September 21, 2020

Breakfast: Let’s kickoff this Meatless Monday series with one of the best ever breakfast foods: WAFFLES! 🧇 Many thanks to Elaine for this recipe!

Lunch: Curry Tofu Salad (another one from the great Elaine, thank you! 💕 )

Dinner: Shepherd’s pie! Thanks to Emily for this recipe! (Recipe)

Image source

It’s like a pizza delivery, but better.

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